David & Jennifer

Ellie Faye Seruga and I recently had the honor of photographing David & Jennifer Amerman's wedding in Allentown, PA.

First Look.

It was a bright and beautiful day at Iron Lakes Country Club. We used a mix of digital and traditional gear, including a Mamiya 645, Nikon N90s, Sony A7, Nikon D200, and Canon 5D to document the special day.


It's really special when you're able to capture such intimate moments on wedding day.

They're coming.

David & Jen chose to have a symbolic knot tying as part of their ceremony.


They really showed their unique and energetic personalities during the first dance.

The cake was made in a Hollywood theme, featuring Oscars, movie popcorn, and stars.

The dance floor came alive.

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On decade old film and film production

I just would like to say, in case I don't say it enough: the crew on Out of Sight are some of the most wonderful people I could ever have asked for.

All of these images were shot with my trust old Minolta X-700 and either a Vivitar Series 1 28-90 2.8, or a Vivitar 28mm 2.5. The color images are decade-old Kodak UltraMax 400, which had not been properly stored. I exposed it at 100, and developed normally in Unicolor C41 chemistry. The results are pretty usable, other than some slight cyan color shifts. The black and white is Tri-X shot at box speed and stand developed in Rodinal.

You know it's a bad day of post when the G5 is out.Minolta X-700, Vivitar 485HV, Tri-X @ 400 in Rodinal Stand, Pakn F135+.

It's been a long time coming, but we're finally almost ready to share the film publically.  We've put in some long days and nights, but things are actually coming together.

You can check out our Indiegogo campaign at: igg.me/at/outofsight

We've even managed to have some fun along the way and have some awesome experiences.

Drones are fun.Minolta X-700, Vivitar 485HV, Tri-X @ 400 in Rodinal Stand, Pakn F135+.
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Kerrigan Brew

Last week I got to meet the fine folks at Kerrigan Brew, a new startup brewing company in the Lehigh Valley.

I got to sample some wonderful unique brews, and Nate Bridge and I managed to use a Nikon D700 in commander mode with a SB-900 and SB-800 wirelessly sidelighting the beer.

I can't wait till Kerrigan has their own location, they're sure to become a local favorite!

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Halley & Melissa's Wedding Preview


This past week Molly Hudelson and I shot a lovely wedding near Morristown, NJ.

Hair Check

With a very recent venue and time change, things were fairly hustled getting ready. But the lovely intimate ceremony quickly hit its stride.

The small party of family gathered with the brides for once last time before them being united.


The rings were exchanged.

And the gorgeous couple were joined in matrimony.

Do I have to?

Melissa was not eager for the posed portraits.

With many of Melissa's family overseas in the United Kingdom, technology such as Facetime & Skype allowed dear friends and family to be a part of the celebration. An ever changing part of what it means to attend a wedding.

But this is a celebration after all, and the phones and tablets were not going to distract from that.

We even recreated a favorite photo of Halley's parents special day.

Melissa's sister gave a heartfelt speech about the meaning of being a sister and how that relates to the change marriage brings into a family.

Remember it's a party.

But most importantly everyone attending had a lot of fun celebrating this wonderful couple.

Full album coming soon.