Photography is about telling stories. Cinema is about telling stories.

I am about telling stories.

My name is Kyle Mahaney, and I'm a photographer and filmmaker based in the Lehigh Valley, near Bethlehem, PA. Photography has been my passion since a very young age and I love the way my work enables me to share the stories and experiences of those around me.  I utilize a hybird workflow of digital and traditional analog film cameras to tell these stories.  Sometimes it's simply about gaining a unique perspective.

Patent Pending

For the past five years I've been documenting the lives of musicians and the experience of live music.  I've had the opportunity to photograph and work with artists such as Skillet, Awolnation, Mayday Parade, For King & Country, Bowling for Soup, Patent Pending, and many more.  I love the ability to allow people to relive the excitement of the show, but also being able to tell the story behind the scenes of tour life.

I also love telling the stories of individuals, whether that's through traditional portraiture or documentary photography.  For me a portrait is not about just showing someone's appearance, it's about expressing who they are as a person.

I have spent the last three years working on a feature length documentary called "Out of Sight", which explores the stigmas surrounding mental illness in adolescents.  It has been a remarkably trying but also rewarding experience, and I have had to juggle many different hats over the course of production.